Like all businesses, we were looking for the best possible software to run our own recruitment company.

Like our clients, we used to own a recruitment business and when faced with the task of reviewing the various providers, we searched and reviewed them all but we was not blown away. We wanted to find a solution for all aspects of the business and not just for managing part of it. After implementing a couple of different solutions, we decide that we could do better and decided to create a recruitment software solution that would help run all aspects of our recruitment company.

Our focus was to move away from multiple systems and create one system to manage all aspects of the business from managing leads and jobs to finding the best candidates quickly, moving them through the hiring cycle to a placement and managing the candidate through the onboarding process. The system needed to be simiple to use but packed with great, usable features.  It turned out to be so good, we decided to move out of the recruitment sector and build a software business.  Many years later, it is now our customers who drive product development. We listen and work with the very best people in the industry to continually develop a system that recruiters and owners want to use.

The TrackerRMS teams are located in California and London supporting Start Up’s through to Enterprise level customers covering all sector and recruitment types. We set out with a mission to create a great system which is well supported with transparent pricing. Looking back, we have achieved exactly want we wanted!

David Alonso

CEO & Co-Founder – Americas | Linkedin

“I hold operational responsibility for TrackerRMS in the Americas region and will be there to support you through the sales, set-up and implementation process”

Andy Jones

CTO & Co-Founder – UK & Europe | Linkedin

“I provide strategic direction, innovative input and oversee current and future technical developments for TrackerRMS”

Martyn Christian

Non-Executive Director | Linkedin

“I provide strategic focus and 30 years of sales, marketing and general management experience to Tracker-RMS”

Nita Patel

Non-Executive Director | Linkedin

“I provide strategic marketing and executive management focus with 30 years of global B2B marketing and small business ownership experience”