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Hundreds of SMB to Enterprise companies are using TrackerRMS to improve their teams success and in turn providing excellent customer service to their own customers.  TrackerRMS always give 100% to every customer account providing our customers with the support they need to succeed. Below are just a few testimonials from some great companies.

“Moving from Bullhorn to TrackerRMS was a tough financial call and a very difficult business decision but we made the right choice. The constant support from day one and a willingness to listen, understand and react to our business issues is one of TrackerRMS’s greatest strengths. From day one the TrackerRMS account team have had regular meetings to review and understand our way of working. If there was any functionality we needed that was not currently available, then the TrackerRMS team quickly acted to put in the necessary features into the system so we could keep our internal workflow working and improve our way of working. I have lost count of the things that the TrackerRMS team have done for us and I highly recommend them to all recruitment companies”

Stuart White, Provide Consulting

“Since taking Tracker in October 2008 it has simplified my day to day business overnight. Matching is simple and quick and I am able to turn CV’s around so much more efficiently. The online timesheet function is easy to use for temps and the online referencing facility has cut down our admin time to zero. Overall TrackerRMS consultative approach has really helped us integrate Tracker into our day to day business and I would highly recommend Tracker to all recruitment companies”

Gary Dubell, Director, Talent Staffing

“Almost all of the features are self explanatory. Once you master the process of tracking things, everything is organized. It took about 3-4 days to be confident with the systems. It matched very well and was an upgrade from our previous ATS. The software is very quick and manageable. Having used it for a month, all of the users have been able to navigate and learn the roles very quickly.”

“Tracker has been key to the development of our business. By amalgamating all our customer records on Tracker, and fully utilising its hosted environment our support and sales team can access all customer records from their ipads and phones wherever they happen to be. This means that we can respond to support tickets, deal with technical issues, resolve customer queries and handle sales enquiries quickly and efficiently wherever we are. So we have happy customers, a growing reputation and lower operating costs”

David Collins, Director, Baytek Voice & Data

“We had been looking for a new recruitment database package for some months and came across the information for TrackerRMS in a web search. After looking at the information online we requested a demo, which impressed us no end as Tracker seems to provide all the tools necessary to manage your recruitment business.

What drew us to use Tracker over any other provider was the ability to run and organise marketing campaigns from one place, with the ability to track the progress of these campaigns. Tracker offers the functionality to analyse the client/candidate responses in detail. We also like the fact that the system is easy to use and the Help and Support functions are easy to use and always get quick responses from Support!

Our Account Manager is a great help to us and does everything in her power to make our transition from our old database over to Tracker as smooth as possible. They are always available when you need her either by e-mail or phone. We also found the training to be easy to understand and clear to follow, although we are still in early days of using Tracker and getting our system to how we want it to be, I feel with TrackerRMS help over the last few months and hopefully ongoing, we will come to use the system to its full potential and help us grow our business in the direction we are looking to take over the coming years”

Tracy Walsh, Director, Cytec Rectuitment

“Having previously been a Digital Director for a major recruitment PLC I had a good knowledge of most recruitment software companies on the market, and when launching my own company was frustrated to find that most products on the market just weren’t flexible enough to meet our needs. As a rec2rec agency operating from London & Cambridge we needed workflows that would adapt to suit our unique market, serve multiple offices and users but keep common systems in place, as well as the ability to manage marketing campaigns without the need for additional software. Tracker has really delivered and we have been loyal users for over 2 years now – I would recommend to any agency large and small.”

Debbie Baker, Owner, Bridge HR

“TrackerRMS, is just brilliant – a serious competitor to other well known names!”

Karen Pawlowska, Director, Take One TV

“TrackerRMS has offered excellent value for money and offers a unique solution that manages our entire business needs. All of our departments are working together better than ever and customer satisfaction is at its highest. The support given by the TrackerRMS team is excellent”

Darren Foster, Voicenet Solutions

“I hold both TrackerRMS and the team behind the product in the highest regard, and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any business that needed a CRM. TrackerRMS consistently surpass expectations. I have implemented a number of CRM’s in my career, one of which took 3 years to develop the required functionality that I required, as well as having my expectations consistently mismanaged. From the moment that I saw TrackerRMS, I was instantly struck by how robust it felt, how easy it was to navigate and how simple it was to tailor to my needs.”

Bill Andrews, Director, Alpha 63

“The ease of use and functionally is what I like the best. Our customer offering is unique as we offer professional services as well as staffing. My biggest challenge was finding a platform that could support both offerings and tie everything together. I looked at over 6 systems before choosing Tracker. Tracker offered us end to end visibility into our business without using 3 disparate systems”

“My requirement was simple: ‘To implement a single system which provides a 360 degree view of my company; and one which my staff can use to access information specific to them regardless of whether they work within the Sales, Technical Support, Finance or Administration team.This requirement was finally achieved with the introduction of TrackerRMS, and very simply put ‘it has streamlined Business Operations”

Christopher Yih, Manging Director, Apex Network Solutions

“Having spent a long time searching the market for a new CRM System, we had numerous meetings with Recruitment led CRM suppliers and decided that Tracker best suited our needs! From Data Migration, to going live, the Tracker team worked closely with us to ensure a stress free transition! One of the key things we liked is that Tracker really do look at the way you work as a business and tailor the system to fit as best as possible. Tracker has some very advanced functionality that will definitely further our business and most importantly increase revenue! Definitely worth a call to Tracker when looking for a new CRM System”

Andy Wilson, Director, Lloyd Recruitment

“TrackerRMS has the ability to streamline our business processes resulting in saving us time & money, our consultants are now more productive & activity levels have massively increased since we have been using tracker. Having been in recruitment for 13 years I have seen & used many CRM packages, I spent over 3 months viewing endless demos but nothing was flexible enough for the right price, the commercials of the Tracker system really do add up and make it a real value for money package.

What sold me to TrackerRMS was the support from the team; the very first call from the team was extremely down-to-earth, he was very knowledgeable and knew instantly how tracker could be adapted to fit our business model.
The data migration was seamless, again saving my time & resources. The training ability was also fantastic, training staff that are resilient to change is not easy & they worked their magic to complete the task!

On a practical level tracker offer a fantastic management information reporting system, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be put into a spreadsheet, this is hugely important to our business & with the help of TrackerRMS we now a fantastic reporting system that makes company figures a breeze.

What I like most of all is that the TrackerRMS team are actually human, they are always willing to solve any problem or feature suggestion and will come up with alternate solutions based on them understanding our business and how Tracker can improve the way it works”

Emma Bonfiglio, Director, Appointments Personnel